GREAT 100 NURSE 2023


Reene John, currently pursuing a career in oncology nursing says she was accidently
introduced to Oncology a couple of decades ago, fell in love with a passion and stayed
married to it. As a graduate from L.T. College of Nursing, SNDT Women’s University,
Mumbai; she wanted to pursue a career in nursing education. So, she combined these
two paths and has enjoyed the challenges in striving for excellence in education and

Over the years she has worn many hats, that of a Principal of a School of nursing,
where she established a systematic developmental schedule for the nursing students;
as an Infection Control Nurse in KSA, setting up the department and its smooth
functioning; that of an administrator for a College of Nursing, counselling, motivating,
inspiring the students to excellence, to name a few. As the president of TMM Hospital
said of her, “Reene sets a very high standard for everyone on her team but holds
herself to a higher standard”.

Reene John moved to the USA in 2005 on a full paid scholarship to accomplish her
dreams of getting her MSN in Nursing Education. She then joined the Hematology
Oncology at the Cancer Center in 2016 and is currently working at the Cardio Oncology
Clinic, UTSW. Prior to that Reene worked at United Regional Health Care Systems and
Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas for 12 years, in her role as a bed
side nurse, an educator, preceptor, mentor for students, nursing graduates, and new
nurses inclined to pursue a career in Oncology nursing. She has her certification in
Oncology and continues to motivate the other nurses around her to a higher ground.
She has served as assistant chair on the Clinical Practice council at URHCS to enhance
patient safety and prevention of falls. She was also the Chair for Professional
Development of NAINA (North American Indian Nurses Association) from 2016 – 2018,
Secretary of the local chapter IANANT (Indian American Nurses Association of North
Texas) from 2016 to 2020 and President of IANANT 2020 -2022.