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The Indian American Nurses Association of North Texas(IANANT) is a not-for-profit organization under the rules and regulations of non-profit organization 501(c) 3 in the country of United State of America.  IANANT is organized with unique mission and goals.  Our primary goal is to unite all Indian nurses and nursing students of Indian origin and heritage as a professional body under one umbrella at national level.  IANANT will be the official voice for Indian nurses in America and outside for professional nursing issues and problems. 


IANANT is the organization for all professional nurses and nursing students of Indian origin/heritage that creates a community of excellence in nursing practice and healthcare through networking and collaboration.


To promote professional excellence in nursing practice and healthcare through the empowerment and renewal of professional and cultural identity of all nurses of Indian origin/heritage, and to optimize their contribution to the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities.


As an organization of professional nurses and nursing students of Indian origin/heritage, we are committed to:

  • caring, compassion, ethical values and exceptional healthcare practices
  • client-centered helping relationships and advocacy
  • accountability and responsibility for evidence-based practice
  • continuous personal and professional development of self and others
  • collaboration and innovation


On March 11, 1995, seventeen Indian American Nurses from Dallas area, gathered at the Crosby Recreation Center in Carrolton, Texas. They gathered to hear what Ms. Thresiamma Sebastian, president of the Indian American Nurses Association (IANA), had to offer to them. Ms. Sebastian informed the nurses of the benefits of starting a nurses association under the national chapter. As a result, the Dallas chapter of the IANA was formed with an executive board to head up this organization.

Mary Abraham

Aleykutty Francis
Vice President

Rosamma George

Annamma Itty
Joint Secretary

Santha Pillai

Elsy Philip
Joint Treasurer

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Leelamma Chacko
Education Coordinator

Susan Thambi
Public Relations

Ann Varghese

The first committee meeting was held on April 9, 1995. It became evident that is was very difficult to follow the guidelines of the IANA especially those that were set for the financial aspects of the organization. As a result, on April 29th, a general body meeting, consisting of 24 members, was held at the Parkland Memorial Hospital Auditorium. At this meeting an unanimous decision was made to dissolve the Dallas chapter of IANA and create an independent organization. This new organization would be registered as Indian American Nurses Association of North Texas (IANANT). Along with establishing a new name, the general body decided to expand the executive team by adding three new executive positions.

The formation of IANANT could not have been possible without help from some special advocates. First, Ms. Linda Varghese who created IANANT’s wonderful emblem. Secondly, Mr. Lal Varghese and Mr. Philip Thomas who helped us establish IANANT’s nonprofit status. Finally, a special recognition for the first executive board of directors, for establishing the by-laws of this organization. Currently there are board members serving a two-year term, who are committed to the growth and development of this organization. The organization started with seventeen strong-minded women and has now grown to over 250 members.

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