IANANT Nurse Spotlight - Divya Joseph Attebery

Divya J Attebery, BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse, Day Surgery
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano

Divya is an energetic, enthusiastic, and inspirational clinical nurse whose problem-solving approach and attention to details landed her in her current specialty. She is considered an influential nurse and leader in her organization, as evidenced by her active participation in hospital committees and professional development initiatives. She seeks opportunities to grow and let others grow through coaching for the nursing career advancement program in the organization. We learned some interesting facts about this dynamic nurse, who has been actively involved in her community and IANANT.

How did you choose nursing as a career to pursue?

            When I was 13 years old, my father met with an accident in India. A bus ran over his legs rendering him disabled for years. This was a pivotal moment in our lives as my mom became the only earning member of the family. She would work 12 hour shifts and still managed to cook food and do wound dressings for my father after work every single day. In these hard times, I would help my mother and take over his care. This experience early on humbled me and taught me to empathize with people in pain. Over the course of a couple of years, I helped my father with physical therapy, and he was able to get back on his feet and walk. This kindled a fire in me to have the heart to serve others and pursue a career in nursing. This childhood experience helps me ground myself every time I serve my patients.

How does your typical day of work look like? What is your favorite part of job? What are some of your challenges?

            I see patients who are getting ready for surgery. They are either anxious or excited that
the day is finally here. I make sure they are prepared well and are safe to proceed with the surgery. Ensuring required lab work results are available, consent for surgery is in place, completing pre-operative preparation, checking pre-anesthetic checkup status, and answering patients and family members regarding surgical concerns, if any, are all part of my daily work. My favorite part is interacting with my patients, making them feel welcome and comfortable. I love using kindness and humor to lessen stress and anxiety. I love it when they say I helped them stay calm and answered all their questions and concerns. Getting intravenous (IV) line on patients who have poor visible veins is often a challenge in a highly fast-paced work environment of day surgery unit. I am trying to get certified in a specialized sono-guided IV access technique to overcome this challenge.

What do you do for professional development? What do you expect from IANANT?

            I am involved in my professional development through nursing career advancement programs and participating in committees at my workplace. I read professional articles online. Attending educational events and joining IANANT community events and committees has helped me grow professionally. I am able to connect and network with other nursing professionals through IANANT. I want to participate and be actively involved with IANANT to learn from all the experienced nurses in IANANT.

How has nursing changed your life? Any advice for future nurses?

            Being around patients every day has made me realize how important our health is. I have seen the effects of neglecting our own well-being. Nursing has influenced me to stay physically and mentally active through fun and hobbies. I love spending time with family (especially golfing with my husband and rowing with my brother in White Rock Lake). I practice yoga, daily journaling, and meditation for my mental well-being.
            For those aspiring to be nurses, I would like to say that nursing is not just a job, but a service to people who need help and support. Providing care, listening, and understanding patients help us serve others well. You may encounter a lot of crazy situations. It is important to make sure to take time for yourself to stay grounded.

What is one surprise thing that others do not know about you?

            I love dancing and am the pack leader on every wedding dance floor. 

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Interviewed by:
Viji George, MA, BSN, RN, RNC-NIC
Professional Development and Education Chair

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