IANANT Nurse Spotlight - Amynah Juma

Amynah Juma, BSN, RN, RNC-NIC
Charge Nurse,
Texas Health Resources Presbyterian Hospital Plano 
Amynah is a dynamic clinical nurse and a role model to many. She is an active leader in her organization who is constantly involved in professional development activities in her unit, hospital, and community. Amynah is a charge nurse in high-risk obstetrics (HROB), TCU EBP fellow, Level four Nursing Career Advancement Program nurse council chair of hospital’s research, innovation, and new knowledge council, and a mentor who is currently pursuing an Advanced Practitioner Nursing degree to be a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. We learned more about this inspiring nurse – as noted below: 
What’s your typical day of work looks like? What is the favorite part of your job? 
On the days I am in charge, it is taking care of the entire unit, rounding, helping nurses, and so much more very unpredictable. HROB gets many varieties of patients: patients with obstetrics complications, gynecological surgeries, ER overflow, post-partum complications, etc. I love talking to my patients and educating them. I enjoy taking care of antepartum patients and keeping them pregnant as long as possible, so their babies do well in NICU. Nowadays, our biggest challenge is COVID. It is affecting pregnancy in a very unpredictable way. Other challenges are when we get fetal demise, staffing shortage, and unpredictable emergencies. 
What do you do for professional development? What do you expect from IANANT? 
I am a learner and love getting involved in professional development activities. Through IANANT I would like to collaborate with other nurses, learn from them and make new professional contacts and friends. I am very thankful to IANANT leadership and members for the opportunity to be a part of IANANT.
How has nursing changed your life? 
It is a loaded question – It has helped me become a better person and a better mom. As a nurse, I am learning something new every day!
Any advice for new and future nurses?
To new and future nurses, I would say, “Be open to changes: embrace change at your workplace because change is always for good. We may not like it initially, but we should accept with open a mind”.
What is one surprising thing that others do not know about you? 
I have been featured many times in advertisements. My picture was on a Billboard on I-75. A life-size poster of my face was at Cincinnati Airport back when John McCain was running for president. I was the face of Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center when I worked there!
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Interviewed by:
Viji George, MA, BSN, RN, RNC-NIC
Professional Development and Education Chair